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Tips SEO on page Optimization

Tips SEO On page optimization is the most important and complicated parts of SEO optimization. This helps a website to get their required search engine ranking through their keywords. This article grounded on some great tips which should be maintained while going for on page optimization on your site.
Any kind of search engine score of your website which helps you to increase your page rank or the search engine ranking of your keywords will only depend on the page optimization of your website. Mainly it is viewed that the on-page factors of your index page sets the rankings of your keywords.
Seo on page optimization is often forgotten these days, as we focusing more and more of our time in getting inbound links with targeted anchor text.On page optimization, however, is something you can do quickly to give yourself an extra boost in the SERPS.
There are a great list of SEO Techniques for on-page optimization that are considered in the search engine evaluation process. These factors accept but are not limited to: words in the web page url, title tag, meta tags, headlines, sub headlines, keyword density, words at the starting of the page, page content, words that are bold, words in the links, site navigation, the Website structure of links and a number of other considerations.
Seo on page optimization tips:

1. URL Naming:
If possible try to place your prime targeted keyword as your domain name, if not just include your keyword in the url.

2. Title Tag:
Place Your Keywords in Title Tag, place in first words after that you can using another words to attract the visitor

3. Meta Descriptions:
Not many search engines use the description tag any longer, but it's best to set it properly just in case. Put your keywords in the first beginning of the meta description, and make your meta description attract visitor yo tour website.

4. Meta Keywords :
Yes many search engine do not count meta keywords anymore but fewer search engines utilize the keywords tag, so use meta keywords is still have value to rank your site in couple search engine

5. Use ALT Text to Image Optimization :
Crawlers are unable to see images. Thus Optimize this images with suitable contents using Alt tags which reflects your targeted keywords,

6. Static URL:
Remember that all of your important pages should have short and static URL.

7. Use Headings :
Use the h1, h2, and h3 heading tags to define your important subject sections, and put your keywords at least once in each heading style.

8. Validate the HTML :
Use the W3C HTML validator to validate the HTML of your page. Very few HTML faults will cause a web page not to rank well in the SERPS.

9. Robot.txt:
With robots.txt file you can limit access of search engines to your website. Check that robot.txt is necessary at your website with apposite crawler notifications.

10. Sitemap XML :
Create your XML sitemap search engine using xml sitemap to crawl your pages.

11. Keep Your Body Text Readable
Use your keywords in the body text, on keywords keep your body text readable.

12. Internal Link
Build internal link between related post

13. Check Keyword Density
Check your keywords density in your webpage, for optimize your keywords not less or more than 3% density
Seo on page optimization is the first step towards achieving good search engine rankings.
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Your tips are straight to the point. Thanks!

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Thanks for these, very helpful indeed. I am looking forward to hear more from you.

james on August 27, 2009 at 5:22 AM said...

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Anonymous said...

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Team Creatives on October 4, 2009 at 3:56 PM said...

Many of these tips are rather common sense for an optimizer. However, many SEO's still tend to forget them. In order to proceed with a good optimization work, you should not only read through these but actually take them to heart.

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