Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Newbie Off page SEO

Off Page Seo. In the article Newbie Tips seo on page optimization I had time to explain a little what it is on page seo, On Page If we put the strength of seo blog on the page we get the off page seo prompted us to explore the strength of a link from outside of the blog page with the keywords that we want .

Off Page seo optimization has an important role to push up the popularity and PageRank blog we also maintain or PR was obtained by the blog. Off Page seo In this section there are some that we should and we do with us in any way because this is indeed some of the key strengths of the study in the off page seo. So if you want to get his blog's PageRank and popularity of high-please note that some of this point.

1. Number of Backlink.
Have a lot of backlink quality can impact on improving the quality of SERP Ranking blog / Web Search Engine, how do I get it?
- Exchange link.
- Baclink blog from dummies.
- Linkbait ( Link bait is any content put on a website with the primary function of attracting links to that page or to another page on the site)
- Writing content that is original and interesting you can make other people give backlink to your posting

2. A Qualified Backlink.
There is some point to get a quality backlink, such as:
- One Way Links (1-way links).
- Having Backlink's blog / web high PageRank.
- Link exchange with a blog / web there article sameness
- Diligent commented on the blog dofollow.
- Do not get a backlink from a link farm.

3. Backlink the natural.
To get a backlink that naturally we have to consider that there is some point following:
- Implementation of keyword links in the post (not on the blogroll).
- The combination of inbound and outbound links.
- Variations of keywords.
- Getting a link from a different IP.
- Deep linking (a link on the page provided in the posting is not the main page).

If we can do some good with the above point, it is not wrong if position ranking and popularity of our blog will be uphill. Now let's apply a point with off page seo above, the same study for a strategic position in the search engine.

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gunawan on July 18, 2010 at 4:56 PM said...

thanks to the information,
because it is very helpful especially in making and messing work on bloggers who I have today

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